"Charles Adrien Wettach aka Grock - the king of clowns."

 Spray paint, oil paint, clippings from a Circus Grock program booklet from 1954 and seven stencils on canvas.

48 x 64 cm

07. January 2024



"Der Himmel über Bruno."

 Spray paint, oil paint and four stencils on canvas.

60 x 80 cm

19. December2023


"Safety vs. Change."

 Spray paint, oil paint, Posca marker and nine stencils on canvas.

90 x 90 cm

29. September 2023


Leo Tolstoy once said: "Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves." My work deals with the change that one makes to oneself and how complicated it can sometimes be. This can be a result of critical self-reflection, health necessity or political considerations. An inner change can happen when you question your actions, want to stop smoking or start a new career. My work reflects this inner change, the conflict and the effort that is sometimes necessary to achieve it. It revolves around the question: "Is it the right decision or will I regret it afterwards?" One side wants to make progress towards change and can't move fast enough. The other side tends to run away and wants to stay with the familiar and the old. This can be caused by fear, uncertainty or doubt. Whether this change will make sense or not only becomes apparent later. The picture shows the inner conflict to break away from these old ways of doing things, to break them up in order to move forward. From the moment the first step towards change is taken, these opposing forces coexist until one direction prevails.


"Winter woman."

Pencil, tape, clippings from an old "Berliner Illustrierte" and Thai newspaper and photograph on an old GDR paper bag.

21,4 x 14,1 cm

10. October 2023

private collection


"Silver women."

Pencil, tape, silver leave, clippings from an old "Berliner Illustrierte" and Thai newspaper on an old GDR paper bag.

22,3 x 14 cm

13. May 2023



The "Carte de Revisite" series is a counterpoint to modern, fast-moving cell phone photography. Antique studio photos (also known as carte de visite) are used as models and repainted.
In the early years of photography, ordinary citizens could not afford portrait paintings and were happy to accept the inexpensive photographs in visit format. The studio pictures enjoyed widespread popularity until 1915.

"Madame Thalheim."

Spray paint, metal leaves, shellac, oil paint and lacy on canvas.

60 x 40 cm

17. November 2023



"Madame Montmatre."

Gesso, spray paint, oil paint and lace doily on 300gr Silberburg paper.

64 x 34 cm

26. September 2023



Lime wood.

16,2 x 7,3 x 7,2 cm

12. July 2023


“Homage to Cope2, Rakis, Tracy 168, Ink 76, Ges, Wut, AlexOne, Pose 2, Other and Yen.” 

Acrylic paint on paper.

50 x 65 cm

30. May 2005


Children of War - spraypaint, acrylics, oil and stencil on canvas - 80x120 cm - 10.06.2006

"Children of War."

Spraypaint, acrylics, oil and stencil on canvas .

80 x 120 cm

10. June 2006


toxic - acrylics on sign - 2006

"Acid Free Zone."

Acrylics on sign.

32,5 x 37 cm



untitled painted bottles - spraypaint, acrylics on glassbottles - from left : Turtle - 21.06.2005 / Sleeping man - 11.01.2004 / Atlantic puffin - 09.10.2005

"Untitled painted bottles."

Spraypaint and acrylics on glassbottles.



sunset - spraypaint on canvas - 30x70 cm - 13.10.2002


Spraypaint on canvas.

30 x 70 cm

13. October 2002


untitled - pencil on paper - 30x42 cm - 30.03.2001


Pencil on paper.

30 x 42 cm

30. March 2001


untitled - pencil on paper - 30x42 cm - 13.10.2000


Pencil on paper.

30 x 42 cm

13. October 2000


Charles Bukowski - oil on canvas - 40x30 cm - 13.05.2000

"Charles Bukowski in red wine."

Oil on canvas.

40 x 30 cm

13. May 2000