Street Art

In 1994 I started to paint with a spraycan on walls. Three years later I created my alter-ego Keinom, that I am still using up to this day. Here is a collection of some of my works on walls.


This work was part of the art project "Weite Räume" (wide spaces) by the art gallery of the Kulturscheune in Zehdenick. I painted this sunset in Osterne, a place which was built for the soldiers of the

former GDR army, who worked at the nearby missile base.

Hellberger Str. 4, Osterne, Zehdenick, Germany

15. June 2023


Wall painting as part of the finissage of the art festival "Kladownale" on a vacant building of the Neukladow manor house.

Neukladower Allee 9-12, Kladow, Germany.

09. June 2022


Free work at the former Hall of Fame at Zollstrasse.

Essen, Germany

15. December 2015


Keinom - Düsseldorf, Germany - 2004

Düsseldorf, Germany - 2004

Keinom - Charly Chaplin - Essen, Germany - 2003

Charly Chaplin - Essen, Germany - 2003

Keinom - Essen, Germany - 2002

Essen, Germany - 2002

Keinom - Essen, Germany - 2001

Essen, Germany - 2001