We mostly live in a world, where our basic needs can be easily fulfilled and in most parts of the Western world, we do not need to suffer from starvation or the lack of health-care. Altough we should not close our eyes, because even today in Europe and America people have to live on the streets or don't receive the medical or social treatment they deserve.

During my travels I have seen many people in need and suffering from war or from being migrants or refugees. Some of them receive very little or no support from organisations and with your donations you can support these people directly.

I established a bank-account for the donations. From this account I will deliver the money directly to the accounts of the projects or individual persons. No need to mention, that the donated money will go to the people with 100% and the bank transfer fees will be overtaken by myself or further donations. 

 I am very careful with the people with who I am working with, because we are aware of the misuse of donations. I can guarantee a transparent funding, which will fully support the people and not the foundation itself or my own person.

When there are enough donations for a transfer, I will post all documents on the German website of the foundation, so that all details are open for the donators.

If you like to make a donation to one project, please find the bank details below.  If you have any further questions, please email me at

Thank you very much for your attention, reading these very long texts and helping to improve other's people life.






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Donation account:

holder: Keinom Foundation e.V.

account number: 406 2544 300

bank number: 430 609 67

bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum


IBAN: DE67430609674062544300