School in Loi Kaw Wan

Scholl in Loi Kaw Wan

In Loi Kaw Wan, which is located around Chiang Rai province in Thailand at the Thai / Burma border, the villagers have established a little school for their children. This school has been growing since ever and with the help of an international organisation it was once built in a solid way with walls made of concrete instead of the all-present bamboo-huts.

Today the school has 300 students, aged six to eighteen for 19 teachers. Sometimes a sixteen year old boy is sitting in Grade 1 as he never attended a school before. 80 of the students are orphans and have lost their parents during the chaos of the war or their parents were killed by Burmese soldiers. They learn how to read and write in Shan and also Thai language to enable them a job in neighbouring Thailand in their future. They also learn English and get a basic knowledge of history, biology and geography.

Loi Kaw Wan - orphans

Education is one of the most important factors for young children, who live in war-zones to escape this cycle of destruction and built a better future. The teachers of the school have also started a gardening-project, where the kids have to plant and take care of a tea-plantation. The children are very eager to take care of the plants and the final results can be used for self-support of the school.


With your donation you will keep the school running to educate young children and teenagers, so that they can use this knowledge to change their path of life. Please write Loi Kaw Wan - School in your bank transfer.

You can also donate money for the home of the orphans, where they are receiving shelter, warm clothes and food. Please write Loi Kaw Wan - Orphans in your bank transfer.