keinom street art und graffiti wandgestaltungen

In 1994 I started to paint with a spraycan on walls. Three years later I created my alter-ego Keinom, that I am still using up to this day. Here is a collection of some of my works on walls.


I am doing commissioned walls with my company Keinom - Streetart und Graffiti Wandgestaltungen. Here are some examples of painted walls.



Commissioned wall for the company GVV mbH in Berlin-Mahlsdorf. They wanted to have their their company concept visualised for a new room to rest with a library.

Landsberger Str. 242, 12623 Berlin-Mahlsdorf, Germany

3,5 x 5 m

18. December 2023



This work was part of the art project "Weite Räume" (wide spaces) by the art gallery of the Kulturscheune in Zehdenick. I painted this sunset in Osterne, a place which was built for the soldiers of the

former GDR army, who worked at the nearby missile base.

Hellberger Str. 4, Osterne, 16792 Zehdenick, Germany

approx. 3 x 8 m

15. June 2023


Commissioned work for the company "Baumkauz" - tree preservation & height work.

Painting of the training climbing hall.

Arndtstraße 51, 45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

6 x 12 m

08. May 2023


Wall painting as part of the finissage of the art festival "Kladownale" on a vacant building of the Neukladow manor house.

Neukladower Allee 9-12, Kladow, Germany

approx. 1.80 x 3.50 m

09. June 2022


Commissioned work for the family Gwiasda.
Painting of a trash can box.

approx. 1,10 x 0,60 m

Barkovenhöhe 42
Essen-Werden, Germany
09. September 2009


Free work at the former Hall of Fame in Essen.

Zollstrasse, Essen, Germany

approx. 1,60 x 5 m

15. December 2015


Keinom - Charly Chaplin - Essen, Germany - 2003

Commissioned work for the Rumberger couple.

Painting of a garage door with a motif of Charlie Chaplin andJackie Coogan from the movie "The Kid".

Hummelshagen 3, Essen-Kettwig, Germany



Durign the past years I have worked for several customers, such as: