During the years I documented resistance movements and demonstrations.


A protest against the ruling government with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Bangkok. It was one of a series of protests, that partly are still going on today.

04. March 2006

An antifascist riot during blockades against an Anti-Islam congress in Cologne, Germany.

20. September 2008


The police standing in line during the same protest.

20. September 2008

A streetfight by students for a ticket-discount in public transport in Kathmandu, Nepal.

22. June 2008

The clowns army, a funny counterpart to the uniformed police-force during the blockades at the Anti G8 protests at Hinter Bollhagen, Germany on 07. June 2007.

 May-day protests against a Nazi-demonstration, which happened at the same

day in the same city. - Hamburg, Germany - 01. May 2008


A rainy antifascist demonstration in Dortmund, Germany.

01. September 2007

Tibetan refugees in Nepal protesting against the Chinese oppression in their country in front of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

August 2008


Nepalese police is cracking down on peaceful demonstrating Tibetans in Kathmandu.

07. August 2008

Protest against a Nazi-meeting in Dortmund, Germany.

01. May 2007

A Burmese protestor holding up a poster of a killed student during a solidarity

demonstration in Frankfurt, Germany for the uprising in Burma.

03. October 2007

Burmese protest to commemorate the democratic uprising in Burma, that shook the country in 1988, in front of the the Burmese embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

08. August 2006